Training Ground Conference
Training Ground Conference
Training Ground Conference
Training Ground Conference

Conference Sessions

Breakout sessions with Melissa MacDonald
Children’s Track

Open Doors

Society is shifting, priorities are shifting, and kids and families are shifting. We as the Church can choose to ignore these shifts or we can see them as open doors for ministry and for the love of Jesus to penetrate this broken world. If we are to impact this generation with the love of Jesus some intentional shifting must take place. Creatively revealing open door opportunities for the church to love and effectively reach our broken culture. Melissa uses engaging stories, a ridiculous amount of passion, scriptural truth, and practical ideas to drive this seminar home.

Calling the Next Generation to be World Changers

Starting from the belief that this generation of kids can indeed be world changers, this seminar takes the learner through inspirational stories, practical ideas and biblical truth all designed to equip you to inspire this generation.

The Art of Story 

Kids learn in story and it is by far the best medium for catching their attention, keeping it, and communicating a point. This seminar explores different storytelling techniques and also helps you develop your own stories in a way that will powerfully communicate with kids. If you speak to kids at any level this seminar is a must!

Breakout Sessions with KENNY and ELLE CAMPBELL
Youth Track

Discipleship Begins with Belonging: Before a student can be discipled, they first need to believe. But before a student can believe, they may first need a place where they feel like they belong. In this session, we’ll examine three behaviors and nine habits of churches that prioritize creating places where students are known and where they feel like they belong.

4 Habits to Help Teenagers Know God: It’s not always easy to know when discipleship is working. In this breakout, we’ll look at four spiritual habits that can help every teenager know God - and how those habits might differ between middle school and high school.

Why Fun Matters for Discipleship: Maybe you don’t think “fun” and “discipleship” have much in common. But what if fun was actually essential? In this breakout, we’ll consider how fun can help students better connect with you, better connect with each other, and ultimately better connect with God.

How NOT to Disciple a Teenager: If we’re honest, we’ve all had moments when our attempts at discipleship haven’t quite gone according to plan. In this breakout, we’ll learn to better disciple students by exploring some approaches and strategies that definitely do not work - like, at all.

Breakout Sessions with STEVE VIARS
Adult Track

Why Counsel?
Biblical counseling is the process of the church helping people change in a way that is Christ-centered, gospel-saturated, and biblically-based. There is not a ministry in our churches that is not influenced by the principles of progressive sanctification and the sufficiency of the Scriptures. This session will frame biblical counseling within humanities’ greatest need and God’s response to that need through the body of Christ and His Word.  

What Makes Biblical Counseling Biblical?
Biblical counseling uses Scripture to help discern the thinking and behaviors that God wants to change in an individual, and then applies God’s Word to transform them for His glory. This session will outline the characteristics of Biblical Counseling so that the church can insure their ministries are accomplishing these goals.

Not Just Counseling but a Vision for the Entire Church
At some point the twin doctrines of the sufficiency of Scripture and biblical progressive sanctification are far broader than the counseling room – they affect and inform every aspect of local church ministry.  It is the difference between a church having a counseling ministry, and a church being a counseling ministry.  This session will explore how local churches can implement these important principles ministry-wide.