About the Special Needs Ministry Track

This year’s special needs track at Training Ground will take an in depth look at Jesus’ parable of the great supper. Join Linda Selby from Heritage Christian Services as she unpacks this parable through the lens of ministry to those with Intellectual Disabilities and Developmental Disabilities. We will walk through the importance of inclusion, the dangers of exclusion, look at some wonderful contributions to ministry made by those with ID/DD, and how to overcome some troubles that might show up along the road to inclusion.

Breakout Sessions

The Great Supper
In this session, we will look at The Parable of The Great Supper and how it correlates to people gathering at church to be fed the Word of God, to fellowship, to be together. We will discuss how people with Intellectual/Developmental Disabilities (ID/DD) and their families do not always feel included and how we, the church, can address that need.
The Guest List for the Great Supper
Jesus told stories because they impact us in a big way.  We will share some real-life stories about contributions made by people with ID/DD and the differences made in their lives, the lives of their families, and that of the people in their churches. We will talk about some of the guests that might show up for the Great Supper and what you could expect.
Preparing for the Great Supper
In our final segment, we will share some of the challenges and pitfalls as we go forward with inclusion of those with ID/DD and discuss some potential solutions. We will offer some resources as preparations are made to include everyone at the Great Supper. We will have a time of Q & A.

Speaker Bio

Linda SelbyLinda Selby

Linda Selby, mother of 5 children, grandmother of 8, has had a passion for serving the Lord since she became a believer as a young adult, nearly 40 years ago. She has been working with people who have disabilities since high school, first volunteering with Special Olympics. Today, she trains staff who work with people with Intellectual/Developmental Disabilities, is grandmother to a child with down syndrome and mother to a 14-year-old boy with autism who is also deaf.