January 29, 2022
9 AM - 4:30 PM

Live Location: Kenmore Alliance Church, Buffalo
Satellite Site: Pine Knolls Alliance Church, South Glens Falls

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Youth Ministry Track

Breakout Sessions

The Context of Youth Apologetics
The majority of Christian young people don’t know how to articulate nor defend their faith. Staggering numbers of them abandon their faith when they go off to college. We will analyze this tragic reality –its reasons and remedies—and learn how to be more intentional in producing strong, secure young disciples that can discuss their faith confidently.
The Content of Youth Apologetics
There are dozens—if not hundreds of apologetics questions you might get asked by young people. We’ll break this potentially overwhelming realm down into categories, and then the most important topics to be aware of. We’ll look at starting apologetics discussions, asking good questions, and handling doubts. Lastly, we’ll look at the best resources that are available to find answers to your—and your teens’ questions.
The Concerns of Youth Apologetics
There are several “thorny” topics in apologetics—issues that produce intense emotions or questions that you don’t feel competent to answer. In this session, we’ll look at two of the most prominent such issues that teens often ask about: “Homosexuality” and “Pain and Suffering”. In particular, we’ll discuss “Did Jesus Say Anything About Homosexuality? (It’s more than you think)” and “Where Is God When I Hurt? A Brief Theology of Suffering”

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Speaker Bio

Dr. Jeff CrosbyDr. Jeff Crosby

Dr. Jeff Crosby has worked with young people for over 25 years as a youth pastor, youth evangelist, school teacher, counselor, coach, tutor, and mentor. He has degrees in Biblical Studies, Youth Ministry, and a Doctor of Ministry degree in Leadership. He also has NYS teacher certification in four content areas. His passions are apologetics, evangelism, missional thinking, and radical discipleship. He speaks regularly at churches, camps, conferences, seminars, and youth events.