About the Youth Ministry Track

Ministry to teens today is hard work.  Youth leaders are helping an impressionable generation navigate tough topics and shape a worldview that will last a lifetime.  We want to offer you help, encouragement, and some real-life stories as you serve the teens God has entrusted to your care.  Join us for Training Ground 2021 as our Alliance Youth Ministry Consultant, Dan Boal, talks through relevant issues that are on the minds of today’s teens, explains some foundational truths that can help shape a generation, and hear from a panel of veteran youth workers who’ve been working with teens for a long time and are eager to share some valuable life-learned lessons.

Breakout Sessions

LGBTQ & You with Dan Boal
What do you when someone you know comes out as gay? Christians have to respond to the LGBTQ community as people who hold to a historical and traditional theology on human sexuality and marriage in such a way as to honor Christ and others. In 30 minutes we will examine key passages, and responses Christians can have that accepts the person, but does not affirm a false identity.
Worldview and Holiness Formation with Dan Boal
Youth workers are worldview makers. We have the ability to form how the next generation interprets what is happening in the world, and that will determine how they behave. Learn to help teens understand the key foundations of the Christian worldview that allow the next generation to remain true to the Christian faith, while fully able to contextualize the gospel for this day and age.

Round table discussion with seasoned youth ministry veterans in the NED
They will talk about some frequently asked questions in youth ministry, how  to stay relational in a pandemic, and other pertinent questions to volunteer and paid youth workers alike.

Speaker Bio

Dan BoalDan Boal
Alliance Youth Consultant

Dan seeks to remain personally connected to Jesus to purposefully mobilize people to fulfill Acts 1:8. He thrives when helping leaders reach the next generation with the gospel. He believes that good youth workers are GREAT missiologists. They know the culture and understand how Jesus can transform it through them to His desire. His latest book “Becoming a Student Leader” helps youth in 9th-12th live into the fullness of their calling as followers of Jesus.