January 27, 2024
9AM - 4PM

Location: Beartown Road Alliance Church
21 Beartown Rd | Painted Post, NY 14870
**No satellite site this year**

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Youth Ministry Track

Breakout Sessions

Session 1: How to lead difficult students

We all know the students who are 'too cool for school' and act like they don't care.  We are also familiar with the ones who can't seem to stop making themselves the center of attention.  This session will open the conversation on how to help guide these students in our discipleship efforts.

Session 2: How to be effective with small groups

Most of us understand that small groups are really the best way to help students grow as disciples, ask tough questions, and work out their faith.  But we may still have a hard time figuring out the best way to make small groups work in our own setting.  In this session we will discuss practical things we can do to make our small groups effective for discipleship.

Speaker Bio

Erik WilliamsErik Williams

Erik w/a “k” has been in full-time youth ministry since 1993. Having worked in Atlanta, Oregon and Southern California in different settings as youth pastor, middle school pastor, NextGen director of the AllianceNW and NextGen pastor of a multi-site church, he has experienced ministry in all sorts of settings. He currently is a certified youth ministry coach, coaching youth pastors and students.

In that time he authored Y is for Youth Worker and co-authored Inside Out Youth Worker and contributor to the Make a Difference Bible (coming soon).

He has been married since 1994 and has four kids - one on staff at Bayside Church, one interning at Bayside Church and two middle schoolers at home. He loves to play family games, go on walks, surf, write parodies, make fun videos, speak, and lead worship. If he isn’t dreaming, using his creativity, and connecting with people, he isn’t living fully the way he was designed. :)